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Also fits well on the flat roof

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Unlike our premium set Polaris, those sets do not require ballast securing – they can be directly anchored onto the flat roof surface.

With flat mounting on the flat roof, Ursa ensures the optimal tilt angle and maximum production like Polaris, while Lyra is recommended if you prefer the modules to not rise above the flat roof surface.

Also check out Polaris, our premium solar set specially designed for flat roofs.

Flat Roof Balcony Power Plant and Flat Roof Solar System


Balcony power plants are particularly well-suited for flat roofs, as their installation is much easier compared to pitched roof constructions. In the following, we will provide you with all the essential information regarding solar systems for flat roofs, covering topics such as products, cost-effectiveness, structure, and tips, along with further resources.


Flat Roof Balcony Power Plant: Solar Energy Directly on Your Flat Roof

Installing a small-scale solar system like our 800W Balcony Power Plant model on your flat roof is a smart decision, especially on flat roofs where the electrical pathways are often very short, resulting in minimal energy loss.

Advantages of Flat Roof Balcony Power Plants

One of the greatest advantages is the independence from the electricity prices of commercial providers for the amount of self-produced electricity, and this independence extends over a very long period. Our solar panels come with a performance guarantee of 25 years and a product guarantee of 10 years. Depending on the location and orientation, which affect energy yield, the system pays for itself within a few years to a maximum of about a decade. Given the past trends in electricity prices and the likelihood of further increases, a shorter payback period is probable.

Installation of a Balcony Power Plant on a Flat Roof

Installing a solar system on a flat roof is particularly easy and, more importantly, less hazardous compared to installing one on a pitched roof. In our product portfolio, we offer both 400-watt and 800-watt solutions in our OneStep.Solar set, which are easy to install and flexible in vertical orientation. They are suitable for flat roofs as well as balconies.

Maintenance and Care of a Balcony Power Plant on a Flat Roof

Maintenance and care for flat roof balcony power plants are relatively straightforward due to the lower risk of accidents and ease of access. It should be performed at regular intervals and includes a visual inspection of the panels and plug connections. In general, the system’s performance is a good indicator of whether it’s functioning properly. As long as the yield is within the expected range, there’s no special action required. Cleaning the panels should be done with gentle cleaning products to avoid damaging the panel surfaces.


Flat Roof Solar System: Maximize Your Space for Solar Energy

Installing solar panels on a flat roof is not only recommended from a technical perspective but also from an aesthetic standpoint. Often, solar panels on flat roofs are barely noticeable and have little to no impact on the overall appearance of the building.

Why a Solar System on a Flat Roof Is a Good Choice

The advantages of a flat roof power plant lie in its simple design, impressive performance, cost-effectiveness, and ecological relevance. According to Vattenfall (, it is possible to cover up to 20 percent of the annual electricity demand of a two-person household by setting up a flat roof power plant.

Planning and Installation of a Flat Roof Solar System

In our offerings, you’ll find plug-and-play PV systems, such as the 800W solution, which are suitable for flat roofs. With the purchase of this system, you can own an exceptionally easy-to-use, high-performance, and user-friendly system. The system is designed and optimized to meet the legal requirements for small-scale installations. Should the legal basis change, the system can be adjusted upwards in terms of performance.


Flat Roof Solar Panel: Maximum Efficiency with Optimal Orientation

To efficiently use a flat roof solar system, orientation is crucial. Solar panels always generate the maximum amount of electricity when they are facing the sun. With optimal orientation, it’s possible to achieve yields of over 100 percent. If you opt for a flat roof solar panel mounting system, you also have the option to adjust the vertical orientation of the panels depending on the season to increase yield.

How Does a Solar Panel on a Flat Roof Work?

The operating principle of a flat roof power plant is fundamentally the same as other solar systems. It consists of solar panels, inverters, and the appropriate wiring. Sunlight hits the solar cells and stimulates electrons into motion, generating direct current (DC) electricity. This DC electricity is then converted into alternating current (AC) electricity by the inverter, which is fed into the electrical grid. Our solar panels each come with their own mini-inverter to maximize efficiency.

Benefits of Using Solar Panels on a Flat Roof

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, solar panels on flat roofs offer further benefits. Flat roofs can also be greened, and an east-west orientation of the panels can yield up to 35 percent more electricity. While there is a common belief that solar systems work particularly well on pitched roofs, this is not entirely accurate. Flat roofs offer more room for optimizing the panel layout since, unlike pitched roof installations, they essentially have 360-degree orientation possibilities. Additionally, you have the option to vertically orient your solar panels for horizontal alignment, which is limited with pitched roofs.


Balcony Power Plant for Flat Roof: The Perfect Solution for Your Home

In general, solar systems are always a good solution for your home. There are few scenarios in which a solar system, especially a balcony system, would not be cost-effective. The power limit for small-scale solar systems set to 800 watts, starting from the next year in 2024, is designed in a way that you are unlikely to generate a surplus with such a system. This means that you will directly consume every watt of electricity you produce for devices such as refrigerators or devices that are continuously on standby, like televisions.

Benefits of Using a Balcony Power Plant on a Flat Roof

With the installation of our Balcony Power Plant for flat roofs, you receive a package that offers easy installation and usage, as well as a technically advanced and expandable solution that meets all modern requirements. The system is optimized for flat roofs and will support your efforts to reduce electricity costs and make a valuable contribution to environmental protection in the coming decades.

Installation and Maintenance of a Balcony Power Plant on a Flat Roof

The installation can be completed by laypeople within a few minutes. Our technically coordinated complete packages are designed so that no mistakes can be made during installation when following the instructions. The orientation of the system can also be done independently, so no additional assistance is required for the entire installation and commissioning process. Before putting the system into operation, registration with your network operator and the Market Master Data Register should be done. Registration is straightforward and free of charge.