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Our versatile portfolio of plug-in solar sets for balconies with railings without fillings ensures that you will find the perfect set to meet your needs. 

We particularly recommend Sirius, an ultra-light premium set that features super easy installation and meets safety standards for installations on higher floors with pedestrian traffic below.

Balcony Power Plant and Balcony Solar System


The trend to advance energy production for everyone is now reaching those who were previously excluded from enjoying their own energy production. In the past, balcony power plants were more for ambitious DIY enthusiasts, but now we offer plug-and-play solutions that are delivered ready for use and easy to install, such as the Balcony Power Plant 800W Complete Set. Additionally, there is the theoretical possibility of equipping balcony power plants with storage, which can be useful for various applications and situations.


Discover the Balcony Power Plant: Your Private Energy Source

The most important question is undoubtedly the purpose of a balcony solar system. The answers to this question are diverse and touch on various areas. Firstly, personal energy production is a means to reduce electricity consumption from the public grid and, thus, lower your direct electricity costs. Furthermore, personal sustainable electricity production is a means of protecting the environment. Even if your installation is just a small contribution, it contributes to the overall picture, and this is how significant increases in renewable energy occur. The amount of savings from a balcony solar system depends on various factors such as the location and orientation of the balcony PV system.

What is a Balcony Power Plant?

The balcony solar system is the simplest form of solar energy production. The use of our balcony power plant complete set does not require any special knowledge of installation or individual components. The installation is so straightforward that it can be carried out independently by anyone. Our plug-and-play systems, such as the Balcony Power Plant 400W, which can be expanded to 800W, come equipped with a micro-inverter per solar set, so the panels simply need to be secured and plugged into an outlet. Once the connection is made, the system supplies electricity. Our systems are designed so that the individual components are perfectly matched to meet your needs optimally. Balcony power plants are, therefore, the best solution for cost-effective home use. They are affordable to purchase, require no special expertise, are easy to assemble or install and put into operation, and are also low maintenance. It is sufficient to clean the panel surfaces as needed and check the plug connections. As long as the system does not exhibit any noticeable issues, everything should be in order.

Advantages of a Balcony Power Plant

One of the biggest advantages is the independence from the electricity prices of commercial providers for the amount of self-produced electricity over a very long period. Our solar panels come with a performance guarantee of 25 years and a product guarantee of 10 years. Depending on the location and orientation, which affect energy yield, the system pays for itself within a few years to approximately a decade, as measured against current electricity prices. Given the past trends in electricity prices and the likelihood of further increases, a shorter payback period is possible.


Balcony Solar System: Solar Energy Directly on Your Balcony

The fascinating aspect of purchasing a balcony power plant is the immediate ability to produce electricity for your own needs and thereby gain a degree of independence. In addition to long-term financial benefits, solar energy is one of the most environmentally friendly technologies for energy generation. Therefore, buying solar panels is more than just a way to ease your conscience; it is a sustainable model for energy generation to leave a better world for future generations.


Balcony Solar Panel: Efficient Energy Generation

According to Vattenfall (, it is possible to cover up to 20 percent of the annual electricity demand of a two-person household by purchasing a balcony power plant. This is a remarkable value, considering that a balcony power plant typically only has 2 panels. A small-scale installation pays for itself in just a few years and subsequently provides a surplus in your wallet. Although current technology is at a very high level, it continues to evolve, and it is possible to periodically upgrade individual components or the entire system with new and more efficient components.

Installation and Maintenance of Solar Panels on the Balcony

Both the installation and maintenance of a balcony solar system are straightforward with our plug-and-play complete systems. All components are optimally matched and work safely together. The installation can also be carried out by those with less technical expertise, saving you additional installation costs. Maintenance of the solar panels involves regular checks of the plug connections and cleaning the balcony panels to ensure optimal function.

How to Choose the Right Balcony Solar System?

The purchase of a solar system that suits your needs depends on several factors. One factor is performance, and another is the structural conditions. Performance is tied to the price, so more powerful systems tend to be slightly more expensive. However, it is always worthwhile to size the balcony system so that it reaches the legally prescribed maximum limit for balcony power plants. Given that balcony power plants are designed for use over several decades, the slightly higher purchase price becomes less significant. It’s more likely that a more expensive and higher-performing system will yield higher savings or profits in the long run.

Another factor to consider is the structural prerequisites. While it is possible to mount the balcony solar system directly on the balcony, as the name suggests, you can also mount the solar panels on an exterior wall or a flat roof.


Buying a Balcony Power Plant and Solar Systems: What You Need to Know

Starting from the next year, in 2024, the German legislature allows electricity production of up to 800 watts per balcony power plant. Our balcony power plants meet the legal requirements, so you do not take any risks by installing one of these systems.

Buying a Balcony Power Plant: Key Considerations

The most important considerations are related to the topics of cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and the feasibility of your installation. The first consideration should be whether you have the prerequisites for operating a balcony power plant. This includes both the structural requirements and the possibilities for optimal orientation of the system. Typically, once you determine that there is sufficient sunlight, cost-effectiveness is assured. Sustainability also becomes clear when you confirm adequate sunlight.

Buying a Solar Panel: What to Consider

When purchasing individual components, it is important to ensure that they are technically compatible with each other and safe to use. Buying high-performance and efficient solar panels alone is not enough. Proper wiring and a suitable inverter are essential for a well-functioning balcony power plant.

Our Offering: Balcony Power Plant Complete Set

To install a powerful and safe balcony power plant, we offer balcony power plant complete sets. A complete set consists of the solar panels and a micro-inverter, as well as the necessary cabling. As an option, we also offer the suitable mounting kit for your balcony power plant.


Balcony Power Plant Complete Set: An All-Inclusive Package for Your Energy Needs

With the complete set, you receive all the necessary components to start producing your own electricity immediately. You do not need to worry about technical specifications or cumbersome applications. Simply order, install, and start producing your own electricity or saving on electricity costs.

What Does Our Balcony Power Plant Complete Set Include?

Our balcony power plant complete sets include solar modules with silicon solar cells known for their high efficiency and durability. Each solar module set is equipped with a micro-inverter. The advantage of micro-inverters lies in their design, efficiency, and durability. They perform at their best when the system, for example, experiences partial shading. The cabling is also part of the complete package, so you can start using your balcony power plant as soon as it’s installed.

Advantages of Choosing a Complete Set

The biggest advantage of choosing a complete package is that no technical background is required. All components are perfectly matched and have undergone extensive testing. By choosing a complete set, you are largely protected from unwanted surprises because one should not forget that this is a serious source of energy. Therefore, we have been very careful in selecting materials to minimize potential hazards.

Installation and Commissioning of Your Balcony Power Plant Complete Set

The installation can be carried out by amateurs in a matter of minutes. Our technically coordinated complete packages are designed so that no mistakes can be made during installation when following the instructions. The orientation of the system can also be done independently and does not require professional knowledge. Before putting the system into operation, registration with your network operator and the Market Master Data Register should be done. Registration is straightforward and free of charge.