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Polaris – the perfect plug-in solar system for your garden with a unique premium bracket - a combination of unparalleled aesthetics, ease of installation, and optimal energy yield.

Also check out our other sets that can be mounted on a flat surface in the garden.

Garden solar system, solar system for garden

A solar system for the garden is a useful device for producing your own electricity. Installation is incredibly easy and the bureaucratic effort is minimal. Simply registering with your network operator is sufficient. A small solar system is also a good way to gain a better awareness of your own electricity consumption. For several years, for example, there has been a trend towards cordless battery-powered garden tools such as small but powerful chainsaws, battery-operated lawn mowers and other devices. The electricity generated by the solar panels is usually sufficient to charge these devices and so you do not have any additional energy costs for using your garden tools. The solar system is simply integrated into the existing house power circuit so that the electricity generated can be used.


Garden solar system: Use the power of the sun

The sun’s power is available in unlimited quantities as long as it shines. It is free and available. In contrast to the ever-increasing energy prices, you receive unlimited electricity from the garden solar system under the same conditions, from commissioning to the end of its service life, which lasts several decades.

Features of an effective garden solar system

An efficient garden solar system is characterized by sophisticated technology and coordinated components that guarantee maximum electricity yield. In addition to the technology, the orientation of the system and the structural requirements play an important role.

Advantages of using a solar system in the garden

One advantage is that a solar system is relatively inconspicuous and integrates well into the overall picture. The electricity generated in this way is connected to the house power network via a simple plug connection and can then be used.

Solar system for the garden: independent energy supply

In addition to many possible applications, it is also possible to use the solar system for the garden as an independent power source. All you have to do is ensure that the solar panels are firmly anchored in the ground using a stand so that the system is protected even in bad weather. The solar system does not require any additional technical equipment and can therefore produce electricity independently.

Independent energy supply with a solar system for the garden

The solar system supplies electricity and in this way reduces overall electricity consumption. For example, cordless garden tools can be operated or the batteries of the garden tools can be charged so that they are ready for use when needed. In this way, you can help protect the environment by using electricity-powered garden tools by eliminating devices that require fossil fuels from your environment. Switching from devices that run on fossil fuels to electric ones in combination with your own electricity production from renewable energy sources is the future. You will also notice that electrical devices require significantly less maintenance, are quieter, easier to use and are just as efficient in the garden.

Choosing the right solar system for your garden

Both the 400 and 800 watt versions are a good decision. Both variants usually pay for themselves after just a few years and thus reduce electricity costs in the long term. From an economic point of view, it therefore makes sense to choose the 800 watt variant in order to exhaust the legally permitted limit, which will apply from next year 2024, and thus achieve the maximum electricity yield. Every watt you produce reduces your electricity costs.


Mini solar system for the garden: Compact solutions for every need

In our program you will find 400 and 800 watt mini solar systems as a complete solution for your garden. The advantage of our garden power plants is that they are easy to install and technically sophisticated. Each module set is equipped with a mini inverter, so that the mini power plant can be put into operation using the cabling as a plug-and-play solution by simply plugging the plug into the socket. No special expert knowledge is required for setting up, installing or commissioning. All you need to do is register with your network provider.

Features of a mini solar system for the garden

Mini solar systems are particularly characterized by their easy installation, low bureaucratic effort and high cost-effectiveness. Compared to larger systems that are put together individually, the mini solar system is very uncomplicated. All of our components are already optimally coordinated with each other and ready to be inserted into the existing house power circuit via the simple plug-in connection.

Why a mini solar system is a good choice for your garden

A solar system for the garden is a good choice because the space there is generally the best and setting it up is the least difficult. Setting up the system in the garden does not require any assembly on the building and, on the other hand, the ground-level installation is ideal for the care and maintenance of the system. Because it is easy to reach, the system can be easily kept clean and thus ensures good yields. The small systems are definitely economical under the right conditions.


Balcony power plant for the garden: An efficient alternative

According to Vattenfall (, it is possible to cover up to 20 percent of the annual electricity requirements of a residential unit with two people by setting up a terrace power plant. This is a remarkable value considering that a small power plant usually only has two panels. Even if the current technology is at a very high level, it is constantly developing and it is possible to supplement individual components or the entire system from time to time with new and more efficient components or to replace them with existing parts. It has been proven that setting up a photovoltaic system in the garden is not a gimmick, but rather a serious contribution to one’s own economic viability and also to social development.

How does a balcony power plant for the garden work?

The functional principle of the balcony power plant for the garden is very simple. After installing the solar panels and correctly wiring them, connecting them to the power grid and putting the system into operation, the solar panels convert the sun’s incoming solar energy into direct current. Our products’ mini inverters connected to the panels convert this incoming direct current into alternating current.

Buying a balcony power plant for the garden is not only recommended from an economic point of view, the low bureaucratic hurdles also make it attractive to implement. Simply registering the system with your energy supplier is sufficient.

Benefits of using a balcony power plant in your garden

One of the most important advantages of purchasing a balcony power plant for the garden is the expected reduction in electricity consumption through the use of your own produced electricity, produced via the balcony system in the garden area. Another advantage is your own contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Installation and maintenance of a balcony power plant for the garden

The installation can be carried out by even laypeople within a very short time. Our technically coordinated systems are designed in such a way that you cannot make any mistakes during installation if you follow the instructions. You can also do the alignment yourself. To put the system into operation, simply plug the plug into the socket.