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The perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality - below you will find our sets designed for wall mounting.

Also check out our set of lightweight modules that can be mounted on the wall without drilling.

Balcony Power Plant on Facade and Facade Solar System


In addition to many other applications, it is possible to install a balcony power plant or a solar system on the facade. For apartment owners, for example, who do not have the option to install a solar system on the roof, balcony, or terrace, a balcony power plant on the facade is a great way to generate electricity for their own use.


Facade Solar System: Sustainable Energy Generation on the House Wall

The most important question is undoubtedly the purpose of a facade photovoltaic system. The answers to this question are diverse and touch on different areas. Firstly, self-energy production is a means to reduce electricity consumption from the public grid and, thus, lower direct electricity costs. Furthermore, one’s own sustainable electricity production is a means to protect the environment. Even if your own system is only a small contribution, it should be considered in the broader context of renewable energy, which is experiencing significant growth.

Advantages of a Facade Solar System

The facade solar system is easy to install and maintain, and it is also an aesthetic and efficient energy solution. Another advantage is the independence from the electricity prices of commercial providers for the amount of self-produced electricity, which extends over a very long period. Our solar panels come with a performance guarantee of 25 years and a product guarantee of 10 years. Depending on the location and orientation, which affect energy yield, the system pays for itself within a few years to about a decade. Given the past trends in electricity prices and the likelihood of further increases, a shorter payback period is possible.

Installation of a Facade Solar System

Installation can be completed by laypeople within a few hours. The solar modules are mounted on the facade using brackets. Subsequently, the wiring is connected, and in the final step, the solar system’s plug is inserted into an outlet. Our technically coordinated complete packages are designed so that you can’t make mistakes during installation when following the instructions. The orientation of the system can also be done independently to maximize electricity generation. Before putting the system into operation, registration with your network operator and the Market Master Data Register should be done. Registration is straightforward and free of charge.

Maintenance and Care of a Facade Solar System

Fortunately, our solar systems require very little maintenance. It is sufficient to regularly check the plug connections and keep the solar surfaces free of dirt and deposits to ensure the highest possible yield.


Balcony Power Plant on Facade: Compact Energy Generation for Your Balcony and Facade

The photovoltaic system for the facade is designed to reduce your electricity costs. Within the legal framework for small-scale solar systems, we provide products that are very compact in design. Each of our solar sets comes with a micro-inverter, allowing them to be used directly.

Function and Benefits of a Balcony Power Plant on the Facade

The operating principle of the facade solar system does not fundamentally differ from other solar systems. It consists of solar panels, an inverter, and the appropriate wiring. Sunlight hits the solar cells and stimulates electrons into motion, generating direct current (DC) electricity. This DC electricity is then converted into alternating current (AC) electricity by the inverter, which is fed into the electrical grid.

Mounting a Balcony Power Plant on the Facade

It is advisable to mount the solar panels on the facade using a stand to be able to adjust the panels to the optimal angle for sunlight exposure. While it is possible to mount the panels vertically on the facade, it is not recommended, as this configuration would reduce the yield due to unfavorable positioning.


Facade Photovoltaics: The Innovative Way to Generate Solar Power

Among other options, such as installing a small-scale solar system on the balcony, terrace, or flat roof, facade installation is an innovative way to generate solar power.

Innovation of Facade Photovoltaics

Facade photovoltaics appear modern, and the system on the facade is very accessible for maintenance and upkeep. Solar modules are simply mounted on facade brackets. The ease of installation and the advantages mentioned earlier make the purchase of solar panels for the facade very attractive.

Installation of Facade Photovoltaic System

We recommend our complete set, which consists of coordinated products (including a mini-inverter) that guarantee you the best possible yield at a fair price. For correct installation, simply follow the installation instructions. Our systems are designed to be installed and put into operation by laypeople without any issues.


Facade Photovoltaics: Utilize Every Surface for Electricity Generation

In general, it can be said that every solar system is economically and environmentally beneficial to the owner, provided that the structural conditions allow for efficient use of the system. This means that the system should not be shaded and should receive sufficient sunlight. Our small-scale systems are designed to have different installation options. Whether on the facade, balcony, garden, or flat roof, you have the choice. None of the options is fundamentally better or worse than the others. Therefore, simply choose the option that best suits your local conditions.

Potential of Facade Photovoltaics

Not only in terms of the energy transition and the fact that many everyday items like electric vehicles or heat pumps are expected to be powered by electricity in the future, facade photovoltaics offer great potential. While a facade power plant may not be able to supply the required amount of electricity for charging an electric vehicle, it does reduce overall electricity costs.

Solar System for Facade: Customized to Your Needs

The solar system for the facade can represent the optimal solution for you, especially if you have no other option for installation.

Customized Solar Systems for the Facade

With our facade solar system, you have the opportunity to determine the installation angle yourself. Whether flat against the wall or at an angle, it affects electricity yield. Additionally, the installation of our modern solar sets provides a stylish exterior. Not to forget is the environmental aspect and the contribution you make by acquiring a balcony power plant.