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Solar Systems & Architectural Integration

Creative Applications of Solar Energy in Public Spaces

Beyond the traditional use of solar energy, increasingly creative approaches are required in public spaces to achieve the self-imposed goals of the energy transition. Initially, solar installations were confined to rooftops, followed by façades contributing to energy generation.

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Cooler Cities through Solar Energy: Combating Urban Heat Islands

Heat is becoming an increasingly significant problem in cities due to climate change. Greenhouse gases contribute to rising temperatures, leading to the creation of urban heat islands in densely populated areas with extensive concrete, steel, and glass structures.

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Integration of Solar Panels in the City: Between Advantages and Challenges

Solar panels are becoming increasingly attractive to many people for various reasons. On the one hand, they are a valuable contribution to the energy transition, and on the other hand, they can help counteract the constantly rising energy prices and save at least a portion of energy costs.

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